Since the existence of the human beings, the sufferings of Individuals have become a part and parcel of life. The definition of suffering is very wide and it varies from person to person. However, some kinds of sufferings which are mostly borne by the underprivileged people are due to the poverty and other poor financial conditions. Such sufferings have made their life most vulnerable and for these people there is no end to it.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar spent his entire life for the welfare of such depressed class people, irrespective of any caste, creed or religion. While working with various social organizations, we have come across several heart-touching incidences which have enabled us to work on certain areas which can become the platform to mitigate the sufferings of such depressed class people to some extent.
Therefore the dream of Babasaheb website has been designed with the vision that there are many people who are willing to pay back to the society. However, they don’t have the information of such underprivileged people who are in needs of financial or other kind of help. Thus, this website has been designed to make available the information of needy people so that the people can directly contact them and understand their problems and arrange the financial aid or other kind of help as possible.


  1. One incidence happened in Village Brahmanvadi, Dist. Yavatmal where three girls were reported to perform the last rites of their parent and nobody was there to look after them. One member of our social organization visited their village and informed them that their further studies & other liabilities of these girls would be looked after by the said social organization subject to the condition that they will have to stay in the city. However these girls were not willing to leave their village and therefore the said social organization sent financial help to them for a certain period.
  2. Other incidence happened in Ravanvadi area, Wadi, Nagpur where the only school going son of the maid servant Mrs. Anusayabai Gajbhiye passed away in a stove blast while cooking rice. Further inquiry revealed that Mrs. Anusayabai Gajbhiye had gone for work and her son came home from school. Since there was no food at home and as he was alone, he himself prepared to cook the rice on stove as he was hungry. However while lighting the stove, it blasted and he succumbed to the burn injuries. When we visited their home, we found that Mrs. Anusayabai Gajbhiye aged about 55 years was staying alone in her hut which had no electricity and her only source of income was her wages which was about Rs. Two to Three thousand per month which she was getting as a maid servant.
    After the death of her only son, she had no interest left in life. We met her and informed her that even though she had lost her son, she could treat us as her family and we ensured her that we would take care of her future needs. We accepted her as our responsibility and as her guardian, we gave her financial help, including the medicines required. Also we met her regularly for seven to eight years. However, three years ago, when our member went to meet her, she was not in her hut and neighbours informed that her health had deteriorated and therefore some relative has taken her to their house. Thereafter, we could not meet her and also could not find her whereabouts.
  3. Third incidence happened in Chandramani Nagar, Nagpur, where a widow lady namely Mrs. Savitribai Sahare was staying alone. Since she had no earning source, we were regularly arranging groceries for her for three to four years. However, she was diagnosed with cancer of last stage. When she went to the hospital for her treatment, eligible under Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Arogya Yojana, the hospital did not provide her treatment, as the name in Aadhar card was not matching with other documents. The hospital demanded money for treatment. When this matter came to us, we immediately arranged money for her treatment and paid to the hospital, but within two to three months she breathe her last.
  4. A widow staying in Kalwa, Mumbai, along with her three children was not having any earning source, so we arranged utensils and other things for her which she required to install a food stall for selling upma, poha & sheera.
    These are the few stories we have shared with you but in real life it may be still worse than the above examples. Thus, the dream of Babasaheb website has been designed to provide the platform to mitigate the sufferings of many who are underprivileged and spending their life with grave sufferings. But, if we are determined to extend them financial and other kind of help or become guardian for certain period, then we may become cause to bring smile on their faces and these suffering people may see a ray of hope in their life.

What are the needs of the underprivileged people: We have categorized FOUR kinds of people.

One is student who have potential but can’t go for higher studies i.e. IIT, IIM, MBBS. Since for all these courses, these students have to compete with the students who are financially strong and taking coaching in renowned coaching classes whose fees are not affordable to these underprivileged students due to poor financial conditions.

Second is the widow who is forced to face the challenges of earning daily bread & butter due to sudden demise of her husband.

Third is the old aged parents whose age does not permit them to go for work to earn money for livelihood and they become dependent on their children. In today’s era, joint family culture has become a dream for these old and aged parents. Also circumstances have made them either homeless or to survive life on government aid i.e., Sanjay Gandhi Niraadhar Yojana which provide them money Rs. 1,000 per month. However during the corona pandemic days we observed that for Rs. 1,000 we can purchase groceries only for a month. But for other expenses i.e., vegetables, electricity bill, water bill, medicines, gas cylinder/chullah, clothes, they further need Rs. two to three thousand extra which is next to impossible for them since they have no income source. Even their children cannot take care of them as they also are struggling in their life for their livelihood.

Fourth is the Bhatkya Vimukta Jati i.e., Migrated people among Nomadic Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, who are still far away from the main stream of society since the Independence. Also they are still deprived from the basic amenities and are having no Ration card, Aadhar card, etc.


While Babasaheb was an ardent patriot on one hand, he was the savior of the oppressed, women and poor on the other. He fought for them throughout his life. In 1923, he set up the 'Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha’ (Outcastes Welfare Association), for spreading education and culture amongst the downtrodden, improving the economic status and raising matters concerning their problems in the proper forums to focus attention on them and finding solutions to the same. The problems of the downtrodden were centuries old and difficult to overcome.

Considering the above vision of Babasaheb for oppressed, women and poor, the Mission of dream of Babasaheb website is designed with the aim that thousands and lakhs of such people whose sufferings and hardships can be made to overcome to a certain extent by our society of educated/business/beaurocrat persons. They can extend their financial help directly or by becoming their guardian.

Such noble work may become the cause to bring a smile on the face of thousands and lakhs of underprivileged people.